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ponedeljek, oktober 10, 2016 Unknown 2 Comments

Another week, another monday, another outfit. With my favorite bag, of course :)
My weekend was all about blogging, on Friday I attended 2. Blogger Meet Up in Ljubljana, it was AMAZING! More than 60 girls in one place, bunch of lectures and amazing new people. And I`ve been talking  about it and making some changes whole weekend actually. I`ll write all about, as soon as I get the official pictures.
I`ve been eating and chatting the whole time, I didn`t have the time to take proper pictures... So stay tuned :)

Zara Blouse
U-La-La Jeans
Mass Shoes
Dior Glasses
Bag from Croatia

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2 komentarja:

  1. Super lepa si, tvoja barva las,bluzica, petke, a in torbica ta je pa res carska. Te pa nima ravno vsaka. :). Jaz bi tudi nabavila en tak čipkast top, ful mi hudo izpade:** In vesela sem ker si uživala na eventu:)*

  2. Celoten outfit mi je zelo všeč, sploh bluza! <3