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ponedeljek, november 02, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

It`s that time in the year again, when I can wear fur jackets and vests as much as I want. Because well, how would it look, if I wear fur vest in the middle of a summer :)

Anyway, college courses had fully started and I`m back in the game with all the studying and a milion projects we have. And besides all of that, I finally do what I love, which is making beaded jewelry and making gel nails on costumers.

Of course, between courses, I manage to see my friend Katja (take a look on her blog Viva La Vida) and go on real Mexican lunch in the city. 
I hope, I`ll post more outfit posts in the future, but there is just so little time and a really few people, who can take pictures, the way I want. Fingers crossed :)

And a little sneak peak from my Snapchat :)
You can add me by username TANITOJZLA :)

Zara fur vest
Zara jacket
C&A leather tights
Orsay blouse
Two Way cut out boots
Bag from Venice
Dior So Real sunglasses

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