Outfit. Pink Monroe

petek, september 04, 2015 Unknown 10 Comments

This dress so reminds me of iconic Marylin Monroe and her white dress from The Seven Years Itch. It`s also in my favorite color - white. This summer was in my wardrobe mostly white. It was part of my work uniform and part of my desire.
I accesorize it with some pink flower statement necklace and white mini bag, which is not my style at usual, but what the hell :)

And now It`s time to finally annouce my first project I`ve been working on. 
I decided to go to Nail gel classes. I`ve been researching for so long and I finnaly found the right one course for me. My model was my mom and she wore first nails for 1,5 month without breaking any nails. I`m so exited to do this, I cannot wait to start doing it :)

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10 komentarjev:

  1. Un vestido precioso.

  2. res je bolj Monroe oblekca :) in paše ti !

  3. Samo blond bi še mogla bit, pa njen mejkap pa frzura pa lpotična pika.. Pa bi res lahko vzbudila pravo monreo s to oblekico :D

  4. beautiful dress!!
    you look so gorgeous


  5. Pretty girl. And luv the nails as well. Moms are just great aren't they. ☺