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petek, marec 06, 2015 Unknown 8 Comments

A few weeks ago I was in Venice and I did a little shopping in Sephora (or a lot).
We don`t have it here in Slovenia and shopping in there was even more tempting. I bought so many mini little thing, such as bathbombs, soaps, etc.

And at the cashier, I saw this little georgeous golden palette. I really use just two palettes - Naked2 and Death by Chocholate by Makeup revolution, but shades are really pretty. It contains white, beige, brown, gold and blue shades.

I have blue eyes, so I never use blue colour, because there`ll be just to many blue on my face. I a little hesitate to buy it, but then i thought, why not, let`s just try it. 
And at the end, blue, wasn`t really blue, but more grey-blue, as you can see on swatches down.

White and beige shades are not that much pigmented and they don`t really see on my eyes, it`s probably best to use primer first.
The golden and brown shades (the second and the third on the top) are my favorite (of course). I use those two colours almost all the time and luckily for me, are the most pigmented of them all.
They`re not really longlasting, but it`ll suit for about 6 hours with no problem. 

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  1. Tale je super, jaz imam tole

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  5. Amazing pallet colours is too nice :)
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