Outfit. Pinky coat

sreda, januar 28, 2015 Unknown 5 Comments

The exams are coming soon and I`ve been siting at home and studying like crazy,
 but soon I`ll be over, I hope. But today I took my time off and went in the city for our famous tuna toast with my friend and had a really good time. 
I`m so tired I just put some leggins and a big warm sweater on and go out. 
But I think it looked just fine :)

Well, back to work, gotta do those exams in a first place :)

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5 komentarjev:

  1. ese abrigo es precioso¡ gran look¡
    besos y te espero en mi blog http://www.miversiondelamoda.blogspot.com.es/

  2. I must say your style is very impressive! You have a fantastic blog and all the pictures are wonderful! Loved everything!

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  3. Great Look! Love this coat ;-)
    Follow you Dear, xoxo

  4. You look beautiful
    Gorgeous pictures

    Love Vikee