Outfit. A trip to Venezia

četrtek, november 27, 2014 Unknown 1 Comments

I talked about going to Venezia so long. So me and my friend decided to just go.
Venezia is just so magical city and unique, I feel in love the first time I`ve been there.

I really wanted to go there, shop, eat, drink coffe and smell the seaside.
It really fill you with that energy, nowhere else can.

We went early in the morning, walked almost all day, taking pictures, ate in Hard rock cafe ( I had the biggest nacho plate, I would say, three people could eat it) and just having fun.

I must say, I didn`t really know how to dress, because it was warm, but also windy.
At the end, I didn`t really need jacket at all, it was actually hot outside...
People wore flip flop in the midlle of October.

But anyway, I had really amazing weekend :)

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1 komentar:

  1. Ohh que maravilla, necesito conocer Venecia, estoy segura que me enamorará