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četrtek, julij 24, 2014 Unknown 4 Comments

Here are just a few photos I`ve posted on Instagram lately :)
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Can`t resist this delicious blueberry pie at my work <3

I love sales! This dress is from Twin Set

Just a few products from Chanel

The best coffee in town

Ice cream cake with almonds and mango

A quick mirror selfie from Kardashian Beauty presentation at Ikona store

Watching football and drinking coctails with my girl

Too much time at my house

Pink nautical nails

A gift from

Waiting for my exam to start

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4 komentarji:

  1. Great post. :) Really like it. xoxo

  2. You look so pretty in this red dress! :)

  3. Fabulous pictures

    Love Vikee

  4. Great photos! Following you now on Instagram.
    Instagram: @andyandra