Outfit. Can you really say no to high heels?

torek, maj 27, 2014 Unknown 4 Comments

As you can see, I haven`t posted much these days.
That`s because I had so much things to do 
and I don`t really have the time to photo my outfits and post them :(

Well, so much new things has arrived in my life and I`m so exited about it.
A few days ago I had my 21th birthday, more about that in next post. 

Stay tunned and have a lovely sunny week :)

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Outfit. High heel clogs are in!

ponedeljek, maj 12, 2014 Unknown 5 Comments

Finnaly it`s warm enough so I can wear my shorts again. 
And those high heel clogs, which I adore them. They`re so comfy and easy to walk.

So I change my hair colour, summer is coming :) A little change.

Well those days were pretty though for me, a lot of working, so I got really sick :(
I just hope, I get well soon...

Did you watch Eurovision on Saturday night? What do you think about Conchita Wurst?
I think the song was fine, but not the winning one...

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Outfit. Still black and white and lots of smile

sobota, maj 03, 2014 Unknown 2 Comments

I`m in love with this skirt. I`m wearing it all the time <3
It just so comfortable and it suits perfectly on my large hips. Not every skirt is perfect for me, but this one is.

Lately I`m working all the time, studying all the time... 
But it is nice to keep me busy, better then going around and nothing to do.

It`s May and soon it will be my birthday :) Can`t wait :)

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