Outfit. New baroque sunglasses

sreda, april 23, 2014 Unknown 6 Comments

I`m in love with those sunglasses. 
I bought them online few montsh ago and recently I ordered another one in brown colour. 
They just fit perfectly to my face.

It was a casual day, lunch with my friend and then working.
In the morning I had to go to the dentist and I was so scared. 
I hate them. How about you?

Have a nice sunny day, xoxo

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Outfit.Maxi skirt

četrtek, april 17, 2014 Unknown 3 Comments

Wow, 2 weeks without posting! :O

The truth is, I`m working almost every day and in my free time, 
I study or doing chores at my home.
So no time for tking pictures of my outfits or blogging :(

I have so much to do today, in the morning I was i college, 
then I had to go to the store and later, working. Again.

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Outfit. Flower print

četrtek, april 03, 2014 Unknown 5 Comments

I almost forgot about this outfit. 
The pictures were taken about a month ago, when it  was still a bit cold. 
And I must say I love those tights, when I saw them, I had to have them :)

I`m heading back to work, have a great week :)

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