What`s in my bag

ponedeljek, marec 17, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Well, this are the item, which are always in my bag :)

1. I really can`t go anywhere without my notebook, which I bought recently and it has adorable cover.
2. My MK wallet, which is really beaten up alredy after a year, is from Dubai
3. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume is ALWAYS with me, no matter if it`s winter or summer
4. A little perfume from Loccitane and matching hand cream
5. And this little pocket knife from work, it really came useful sometimes :)

I don`t know why I have so many lipsticks with me, but sometimes I just can`t decide which one to wear, so in the morning I have red one and at the afternoon I have nude or pink. Classic me :)

And of course my Dior palette with eyeshadows, lipstick and blushes for the emergency case and Chanel powder, which is my recetly discover and it`s absolutely amazing since I have problematic skin, it really covers all the imperfections :)

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