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It was my payday and I had to go a little shopping :) For a change, not clothes and shoes, but cosmetics :)

I don`t use Blistex at all, I prefer lipstick, but it`s time for a little change, so I bought two of them. 
A few nail polishes and this beautiful baby pink lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. It smells like flower and so soft and it stays on my lips a few hours. The best lipstick I have ever tried.

I have almost everything from Loccitane and this time I`ve tried smoothing gloss for my hair. What I love the most of this store, I always get like a millions testers and mini shampoos or hand cream. And this time was no exeption. As you can see, I got 20 testers and little amande shower gel.

When I go to bed, I don`t use cream instead i put some oil in my face. It`s the best hydration and in the morning is my skin smooth and gentle. I used olive oil, but as I said, it`s time for a change, so from now on I use almond oil. And it smells better :)

I also discoverd this bubble bath gel from Balea and it smells heavenly. A mix of vanille and almond is a perfect combination for evening bubble bath.

Before makeup I refresh my skin with these Avene thermal water. After that I put some cream on and then makeup.

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