Outfit. Black and white Chanel

četrtek, november 28, 2013 Unknown 13 Comments

Shoes - Chanel, Leggins - Stradivarius - Coat - Zara, Sunglasses - Michael Kors,
 Neklace - Dorothy Perkins

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ponedeljek, november 25, 2013 Unknown 7 Comments


1. Mac lipstick Pencil
2. Cruciani zapestnica mars
3. Kristalčki za nohte
4. L`occitane karitejeva krema za roke
5. Deborah Shice Tech lak za nohte

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Giveaway se konča 20.12. 2013

Good luck :*

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Shopping time

nedelja, november 17, 2013 Unknown 30 Comments

I haven`t go shopping in ages! I always just order from the internet, cause you have unique clothes then and it`s cheaper. And I don`t really have much time these days, cause I work a lot and in my free time, I have to study. So my mom and my brother decided today to go the mall and spend some :)
These are the things I bought :)

1. Sweater - Stradivarius
2. Sweater Dorothy Perkins
3. Sweater - New Yorker
4. Skirt - New Yorker
5. Long skirt - Pull&Bear
6. Blouse - Topshop
8. Neklace and earrings - Six
9. Neklace - Dorothy Perkins
10. Watch - Michael Kors

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Outfit. Black and gold

petek, november 15, 2013 Unknown 14 Comments

Fur vest: Zara
Jacket: Bershka
Trousers: Salsa Jeans
Bag: Michael Kors
Sweater: Zara
Shoes: Stradivarius

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četrtek, november 07, 2013 Unknown 5 Comments

Another day in Ljubljana with my friend, eating, shopping, laughing and 
those are the best  moments :)

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