Outfit. Wedding

sobota, oktober 26, 2013 Unknown 20 Comments

Today was such a beautiful day, sunny and warm. A perfect day for a wedding.
I worked in the morning, so I couldn`t go to the city hall, but I managed to go to the church.
And almost every woman has the same problem - nothing to wear and I`m no exception.
I searched for the right outfit last night and these afternoon and I finnaly decided for casual outfit in Chanel style. Leather trousers, white top, jacket and big pearl neklace and Furla. 
Here are the results :)

In the last two pictures are my mom and dad and my little monster, my brother :)

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New booties and Opi

petek, oktober 25, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

Just a quick post, I don`t have a lot of time these days, I have a million errands to do.
Few days ago I went in shopping for new booties. Of course, if your`re looking for something specific, you`re never gonna find it. 
Well, in the last store I finnaly found it i Stradivarius my perfect booties. 
They don`t have so high heel and they`re really comfortable. 
Can`t wait to wear them :)

P.S. I got these sample opi nail polishes, have to try them :)

Have a great weekend, xoxo

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Outfit. New Kenzo shoes and Candy bag

torek, oktober 22, 2013 Unknown 5 Comments

I took photos few days ago, but I didn`t have time to post them :(
It`s a quick outfit, because it`s so cold in the morning but after 12, it`s warm and sunny, so you could wear just a t-shirt.

In the morning I went to classes in college and then in Thai restaurant with my best friend. 
Perfect day :)

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New Furla Candy Bag

četrtek, oktober 17, 2013 Unknown 2 Comments

Lately I`ve shopped a lot. I bought my third Furla Candy bag, this time in blue colour. I don`t really how to
combine it with my clothes, since the autumn is here and there is just brown, black, dark blue, green, purple colours everywhere. 

And another surprise arrived today! My friend was in Singapur and she brought me some new stuff from Mac and Dior, which I absolutely love

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Marc Jacobs and Frey Wille

petek, oktober 11, 2013 Unknown 10 Comments

This is absolutely my favorite perfume - Daisy feom Marc Jacobs. 
This is actually my third daisy, I just can`t get enough of it :) 

And Frey Wille bracelets, which I got for my birthday and cristmas :) They are so beautiful, colours are more for summer, but I really don`t care.

And of course, Cruciani bracelets 

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Outfit. White trench

ponedeljek, oktober 07, 2013 Unknown 13 Comments

It`s so cold in the morning these days, I almost frezzed when I stepped outside. 

I had like a million errands today and I wasn`t wearing really comfy shoes. 
My feet really hurt at the end of the day :( 
Well, I managed to do all the things I had in mind after all :)

Hope you like my outfit :)

Have a great week xo

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Outfit. Something orange with Lady Dior

torek, oktober 01, 2013 Unknown 9 Comments

I was headed to lunch with my friend, and she quickly took these pictures :)
 I don`t really like orange clothes, but this top just blew me away when I saw it. 
And I waited for this bag sooooo long, but it was all worth it, cause it`s simply amazing and elegant.

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