Hair treatment

sreda, september 11, 2013 Unknown 5 Comments

So this post will be about my hair treatment :) I have soooo many products, I can`t even use them all :) 
I`m kinda obsessed with L`occitane. They`re fantastic and smells heavenly.

Deep cleansing shampoo with lavender essential oil - I have the softest hair ever
Smoothing gloss - smoothes and repair my hair from heat damages

Recently I bought these sprayes from Avon
The first and last spray I use daily, just to fresh up my hair and second I use before I iron or curl my hair.

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  2. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

    I also love L'occitane, they have great product and the smell is really amazing :)

    Following you back

    Chris x

  3. I've always wanted to try L'Occitane! I must try it now :)

    xoxo Alison

  4. love l'occitane products!♥ they smell so good♥ I followed you on bloglovin(petra lorencová)and google+(petra lorietta);) you can follow my blog too if you'd like;) kisses!

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