New cosmetics

ponedeljek, junij 10, 2013 Unknown 2 Comments

I am sitting here in a beauty salon, waiting for my mom to get her nails done and nothing to do. So I think, why not to take out of my purse my Ipad and write on my blog :)

Pictures were already taken yesterday, when me and my mom went a little bit of shopping.
She needed some powder, she got it, but me... I spend almost all my money on cosmetics, but it was all worth it and everybody is happy (esspecialy the store)

1. Miss Dior perfume, it just smells heavenly
2. New Mac Studio Fix
3.Mac eyeliner
4.Loreal Explosion mascara, it`s the best!
5. Dior Capture Totale, my skin is like new!
6. Tester Ellie Saab perfume

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