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petek, maj 31, 2013 Unknown 2 Comments

I`ve told you before, I have a lot of hobbies. One of them is creating jewerly.
They`re made from felt, satin ribbon, beads, pearls, crystals... It`s a looot of work in there. I`ve been doing one necklace for about 8 hours...

Those are few pieces I have made in a past few months :)

You`ve seen this one before, I was wearing it in my first outfit post :)

And this one if my first ever made with felt

This neklace here, is the most special of them all.
I was doing it for almost 3 months. It`s made from all those beads, with different styles

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Fun time in rainy days

četrtek, maj 30, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

Today I went to my college, where I`ve been doing tons of things. The semester is going to an end and everything and everybody are crazy. So am I! :)

It was raining, but I still wore white. Usually, when the weather is not that pretty I wear oversized sweaters, sneakers and jeans. I just couldn`t resist wearing my new gold moccasines with spikes and white blazer.
BUT! I was in such a hurry in the morning I forgot wear a neklace hehe 
Not gonna happen again :)

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Outfit. My brother`s special occasion

nedelja, maj 26, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

Today was a really special day for my brother Marten in church. I don`t really know what is the word in English, but in Slovenian language is "obhajilo" :)
It was an hour and a half ceremony, then we go ate and for the last, we went to Zbilje on a delicious hot chocholate with strawberies.
Such a long and beautiful day :)

My little brother Marten

 Me, my brother and my mum

 My dad and my brother

(bracelets H&M, Chanel watch, Bershka shoes, Zara bag, Dorothy Perkins blazer, Forever21 earrings, Sportina trousers)

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New Goodies

sobota, maj 25, 2013 Unknown 0 Comments

I work a lot these days and I thought, why should`t buy myself something :)
So I bought Cruciani bracelets and Chanel Les Ombres eye shadows

Because of my blue eyes, I only use brown, black, gold and white eyeshadow and these are just perfect :)

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Making Jewerly. Pearl bracelets

sobota, maj 25, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

When I`m not in a college and not working, I sometimes cook, crochet, making jewerly, changing furniture in my room... A lot to do :D
Today I made those cute little bracelets
I hope you like it :)

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Recipe. Couscous with vegetables

sreda, maj 22, 2013 Unknown 0 Comments

You know, there is one of those lazy days, when you`re so hungry, but you can`t cook, because there is nothing to cook? So I found a bag of couscous and some frozen vegetables :) Perfect, now I just need to cook it. 

Boil 0,5l of water, add some salt and little bit of oil. Then put in couscous and leave it for about 3-4 minutes.
In a pan, add some olive oil, put frozen vegetables and add some spices. When are done, just mix all together :) Voila :)

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My 20th birthday!

torek, maj 21, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

No more teenage days, I`m 20 now :) 
Today was such a good day, I had so much fun with my girls and my boyfriend. We went to a coctail and end up with 6 :D Then, my boyfriend took me to a mexican restaurant, of course I just couldn`t eat all of it, there was so much food! I barely stand hehe
I`ll show just a few present and pictures from today.

Kisess :*

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Recipe. Apple pancakes

ponedeljek, maj 20, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

In a few days, I`ll be 20 years old, so my family bought me this new kitchen mixer from Gorenje :) They really made my day, I wanted it so badly and today I just had to test it.
My little brother decided to make some pancakes. On the internet we found this amazing recipe with grated apples :)
He loves to eat, and I love to cook, perfect combination :)

Cacao apple pancakes and orange juice :)


2 eggs
1 1/2 cup of milk
2 cups flour
baking powder
1/4 cup of sugar
1 or 2 grated apples

Bon Appétit :)

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Outfit. Life can be full of colours

petek, maj 17, 2013 Unknown 2 Comments

Got those new trousers, they`re super comfy and beautiful :) I couldn`t have so much jewerly, so little gold neklace with stars was just fine. I was shopping with my mom and my brother for his event. We had so much fun :) He is just adorable, I`ll post some pictures of him in the future :)
Stay positive, kisses :*

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Outfit. Kitty Cat

četrtek, maj 16, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

Finally got those cat eye glasses. I wasn`t sure if they`re gonna fit me, but I ordered it anyway. And I`m glad I did :)
I was more casual, with flats and jeans, added gold sweater, jewerly and Furla bag and glam is on the way ;)

 (Furla bag, Fornarina jeans, Zara sweater, Topshop earrings, Guess neklace, H&M bracelets)

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White power

torek, maj 14, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

I just love white clothes with colorful jewerly. I dress minimalistical, but my jewerly is big, full of colours :)
Just got those new golden shoes, I was dying to wear them, but they are so uncomfortable :(

 (Zara trousers, Dorothy Perkins shoes, vintage bag, neklace By Tanita, Prada sunglasses)

P.S. I made this neklace, isn`t adorable? :)

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My new Blog

ponedeljek, maj 13, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

So my friend Katja convinced me to create a blog :) And here it is! I will be posting my daily outfits, tutorials, pictures, recipes and more and more...

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